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Rosa C.

165 Lbs. lost Prior to surgery Rosa was very sick.  She suffered 5 heart attacks and 2 minor strokes.  Her doctors wanted to place her in hospice fearing for her life.  Rosa however had different plans.  Her faith in God kept her motivated and inspired her to find a solution. Quote:  Rosa decided to have surgery with Dr. Uchal.  Rosa says it best; since surgery my weight has decreased, my energy has increased and I have reduced my medications.  I’m no longer on a nebulizer or oxygen daily.  I don’t suffer from asthma attacks and I can walk some distance w/o complications”
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Joan O.

123 Lbs. lost Prior to surgery Joan suffered from debilitating knee pain she came home every day and just sit in a chair. Since undergoing surgery Joan has committed herself to a walking and running program. She’s become more active and has more energy and feels great.  Joan no longer suffers from knee pain. Quote:  I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize that Joan just completed her first half marathon, the Disney Princes ½ this past Feb, 23….
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Victoria J.

111 Lbs. lost Prior to surgery Victoria sufferd from depression, PCOS, she had trouble breathing and battled Arthritis’s.  Today Victoria rarely has pain she can wear high heels again, go out dancing with friend and her depression and PCOS symptoms are all under control. Quote:  Victoria contributes her success to Dr. Uchal and the Gastric Bypass.  She’s also grateful to the staff at St. Vincent’s for giving her the information and resources to be successful.
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Becky H.

116 Lbs. lost Becky has reduced her Blood Pressure medications improved her blood sugars, she’s breathing easier and she’s diminished her debilitating knee pains. Quote:  Becky turns 60 in May and she couldn’t be more happy with her improved health.  She’s improved her self confidence and considers her experience a success.   In Becky’s words she will be forever thankful to Dr. Chappano for all the help and encouragement he has given me during this journey.
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Jenny E.

48 Lbs. lost Jenny wanted to feel better about herself and ensure a positive future.  She wanted more energy to play with her kids.  After Surgery Jenny achieved just that.  She has tons more energy to play with her kids she feels great about herself.  Jenny has even challenged herself to run a 5K every month this year. Quote:  In Jenny’s words, “I couldn’t have asked for a better life changing experience!”
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Amy H.

85 Lbs. lost Quote:  Motivated by wanting to start a family and wanting to improve her self confidence Amy decided to have surgery.  Today she’s resolved her struggle PCOS and is proud of the person she has become.
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Barbara S.

121 Lbs. lost Barbara no longer suffers from Arthritis in her knees and ankles! She now shops with confidence and enjoys new clothes. Barbra has more energy and enjoys being more active. Quote:  Barbara is less a spectator now and more a participant.  In fact this summer she plans to go on a zip-line.
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Debra A.

109 Lbs. lost Prior to surgery Debra was pre-diabetic.  She lacked self-esteem and felt physically debilitated every day. Being a nurse and caregiver herself Debra could barely stand up after completing her shift. Quote: Today Debra walks with confidence she’s no longer pre diabetic and she proud of her accomplishments and is happy with who she sees in the mirror.
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Mona T.

183 Lbs. lost Quote:  Surgery has changed Mona’s life.  Mona is no longer controlled by food. She has more self-confidence and loves the size she is now.  Shopping once a necessity has become enjoyable and she loves new clothes and shoes!  Exercise has become a huge part of Mona life.  She enjoys Zumba, weight training, Spinning and working her abs.  Mona is even planning to become a Zumba Instructor.
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Lisa M.

123 Lbs. lost Lisa has resolved diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol In Lisa’s first year after surgery she ran 4 5K charity runs.  In her second year, Lisa really challenged herself by completed a marathon and a 60 mile walk for breast cancer. Quote:  Lisa is a big believer in giving back she openly shares her journey with everyone she meets and actively supports 3 to 4 charity events per year.  Thank you Lisa your story is an inspiration for us all.
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Jim P.

93 Lbs. lost Jim is no longer pre-diabetic, he’s improved his mobility and has reduced is paint size from a size 58 waist to now a 42! Quote:  Jim now enjoys more physical activity with his friends and family.          
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Patti L.

156 Lbs. lost Patti has resolved her high blood pressure and high Cholesterol.  She has eliminated 11 medications to manage her previous medical conditions. Quote: Patti was reborn on July 25th 2011.  She has more confidence now she’s gone back to school to be a nurse and graduates next month.  She has more energy and enjoys physical activity with her grandkids.
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Amanda S.

163 Lbs. lost Amanda has resolved her high blood pressure & High Cholesterol! She’s reduced her joint and back pains. Most importantly, she no longer gets winded when she plays with her 8yr old daughter. Quote:  In Amanda’s words “basically, I have my life back”         
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Sharon J.

108 Lbs. lost Sharon has eliminated 15 medications needed to manage her Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and others diseases! Prior to surgery Sharon could hardly walk.  Today she walks regularly and is an active member of St. Vincent’s walking team supporting the Walk from Obesity and the AMA Health Walk. She also enjoys being more active at Church Quote:  I believe Sharon says it best “on August 13th, 2012, St. Vincent’s Bariatric Center and Dr. Uchal not only changed my life but they saved it!”       
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Hazel P.

107 Lbs. lost Hazel has gone from wearing a size 22 jeans to now a size 8! Quote: Hazel’s life has improved in many ways since her journey began. She’s no longer dependent on the historical medications she took prior to surgery, she has improved mobility and enjoys running. Traveling has become easier especially flying because she can now fit in a coach seat!       
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Sue B.

155 Lbs. lost Sue is no longer pre-diabetic and is off all her blood pressure medications and now takes ½ the dose of her Cholesterol meds.
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Iris D.

75 Lbs. lost Resolved: Hypertension & High Cholesterol Quote: Iris feels like a new person, she’s refreshed, energetic more motivated. Iris is happy and has found a new love.
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Mary V.

110 Lbs. lost Mary has remarkably improved her Type 2 Diabetes & Hypertension. She no longer is dependent on supplemental Oxygen. Unable to exercise before surgery she now walks regularly achieving 4-6 miles three times a week! Quote: Bariatric Surgery has changed her life including her attitude about life. At 74 years old Mary is now inspired to tackle and attempt anything new.
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